We have chosen to cooperate with the following brands that are aligned with our values and philosophy.

The Gharieni Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of premium-quality spa tables, treatment beds and equipment for resort spas, wellness centers, aesthetic practices and medical offices.
Exclusive innovations combined with modern design and outstanding quality using only premium materials, with the flexibility to design according to individual client needs is our driving force and impetus at Gharieni.
We are more than just a manufacturer of wellness equipment. From initial inception to completion, our team of qualified experts oversee each and every step of design and fine-tune to craft only the most rigorous and sustainable products on the market.
Since 2019, the Gharieni Group is theOfficial Spa & Wellness Technologies and Equipment Brand 2023forForbes Travel Guide, the global authority on luxury travel.

The Naxos Apothecary is a luxury natural fragrance and personal care brand that conveys and refines the history, culture, heritage, and endemic flora of the Aegean Island of Naxos, a fertile land with lush vegetation, great biodiversity, and unique endemic species. Combined with scientific expertise in phytotherapy, this sophisticated brand proposes personalized herbal cosmetic remedies as well as soulful, storytelling fragrances and candles.

Korres Since the fourth century BC Greeks have been studying plants and producing natural clean treatments for the most common skin problems. In the oldest homeopathic pharmacy in Greece Korres was born developed by George a pharmacist and Lana a chemical engineer. Using the ancient skin-superfood like yogurt, saffron, pomegranate, rose, grape and pine. They began developing smart natural beauty products with clinical efficacy. Knowing how nature works inside as well as outside on our skin. The key to powerful results is combining the best of nature and science and using innovations inspired by Nobel Prize winning research. We are attuned with nature and need to allow natural’s ingredients to support our skin’s health and beauty.