About Us

Tavelis Spa Concept takes your spa, fitness and wellness centre from customized concept to timely completion and successful operation.

The Company

Tavelis Spa Concept is an international consulting and management group dedicated to the design, planning and development, management and operation of spas, health clubs, fitness and wellness centres. As a full-service company we are well equipped to handle the entire life cycle of each project we undertake.

Our clientele includes those who are seeking to add a hotel spa, a destination spa, fitness or health club to an existing facility, or may need to renovate an existing spa or club, or are creating a new facility from the ground up. Our impeccable reputation in the market is a testament to our integrity, our performance and our values.


Our philosophy is centred on delivering a longer-lasting higher state of wellbeing by focusing on ‘Ef Zin’ (Eυ Zην, the Greek principle of ‘well-being’). This philosophy takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, with a balanced combination of exercise, spa therapies, nutrition and relaxation.


Our mission is to help spa guests achieve their ideal state of inner and outer balance, inner peace and tranquillity. The ultimate objective is to achieve a healthier and balanced lifestyle that guests can maintain in their everyday life – long after they leave the spa.


To be the preferred spa consultants in the region, a partner that our clients know they can trust to deliver facilities that are profitable on the one hand, but also offer spa clients an extraordinary wellness experience they will want to repeat.



We’re not after one-off deals or quick profits; we believe in lasting client-consultant relations based on high standards of business ethics.


In terms of the service we provide and the products we procure, we deliver the best possible quality within the agreed budget, and always in compliance with the highest industry standards.


Our word is our bond. Every project we undertake will be in accordance with the agreed proposal and timeframe.


We believe in open and direct communication, and are committed to immediate, same-day response to any question or enquiry.


We’re living in an age of constant change and rapid development. By keeping an eye on the latest trends in health, wellness and technology, we strive for progress in our industry, for the benefit spa visitors and the public at large.