We deliver customized solutions that respond to your requirements. The following services can be delivered in any required and feasible combination, from stand-alone services to comprehensive turn-key projects.
Spa Consultancy Services

Although it is widely acknowledged that the spa industry is gaining momentum and spa holidays, retreats and destinations are increasingly in demand, this trend is driven by well-informed clients seeking not just any spa, but one that offers a unique, memorable and lasting experience.

That is why starting right is the first step towards success, and why our consultancy services can make all the difference. We know the spa industry inside out and at every stage, and can therefore guide you and offer you ongoing support to launch, operate smoothly, and develop a sustainable, healthy and growing business.

Spa Concept, Design & Philosophy

Determining and defining a new spa’s concept, design and philosophy is the cornerstone of a successful spa that differentiates itself from others. After developing the underlying concept and philosophy in cooperation with the client, we then liaise with the team of professionals who will be designing the facility. With our guidance, architects and interior designers will create an environment that is aligned with the agreed concept and philosophy, to optimize guests’ spa journey and experience.

At the same time, we will offer consultation on the choice of finishing materials to combine aesthetics and functionality, and set the design standards of furniture and fittings. During the construction period we will offer technical assistance and manage the procurement of the required and agreed specialized spa equipment.

Spa Management Services

Our team includes spa professionals with extensive first-hand and active experience in the management of contemporary, guest-centered, results-oriented spa and wellness centres.

Our pre-opening and opening management services and business planning include:

  • Preparation of the spa’s pre-opening schedule and pre-opening budget
  • Preparation of the operational budget
  • Preparation of staffing plan and structure (including positions, qualifications, job descriptions, salaries and staff numbers)
  • Implementation of the spa software
  • Development of bespoke treatments and spa packages
Spa Operational Support

Once the spa is complete and ready for business, our operational support covers the day-to-day operation and management of the spa on behalf of our client. This includes:

  • Ongoing review of operating procedures and policies
  • Quality control of operations and services
  • Ongoing development of spa packages and treatment menu
  • Defining financial goals and creating operational budgets with regular reviews
  • Monthly management reports
  • Developing and implementing action plans and forward planning
  • Ongoing training and development of the spa team
  • Implementation of the marketing and PR plan
Spa Staff & Management Recruitment

We realize that every spa is – and should be – different, targeting and satisfying its specific clientele, while offering them the experience and value they appreciate. To achieve this, the entire staff has to be trained accordingly, to develop the culture, approach and consistent standards that match the spa’s individual concept and philosophy.

In addition to recruiting suitable candidates for management and staff positions, we can undertake and organize relevant training that includes:

  • Theoretical training (philosophy, essentials)
  • Product knowledge training
  • Practical training (techniques & treatments)
  • Annual refresher product and treatment training
  • Merchandising training
  • Client care training
  • Retail sales techniques and consultation
  • Personal training, fitness and yoga training techniques